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Behind The Scenes Secrets From That ’70s Show Most People Don’t Know

Grace Became A Star Even Though He Didn’t Have Any Professional Experience

Topher Grace had no professional acting experience whatsoever before landing the lead role on That ’70s Show. He was so green, in fact, that he offered producers a picture of himself and his friends at Six Flags instead of a headshot. His resume listed his position at Dunkin Donuts for work experience. Grace confessed:

“What’s really crazy is that those first episodes where I was learning how to hit a mark are still on the air! The early ones are too painful to watch. I’m literally learning how to act as the camera’s rolling. We were all like that… You can kind of suck, which I certainly did, and come back the next week and try to get better and learn from the mistakes you made. It was like graduate school.”

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