11 Things You Should Know to Survive in Exotic Countries

What is additional thrilling than the thought of paying vacations in exotic countries, enjoying the sun, the sea, and therefore the unbelievable fantastic thing about nature? but, throughout your trip you’ll encounter variety of troubles that may flip your dream vacation into a true nightmare.

11. Jellyfish, corals, and bright fish

Lots of dangerous creatures, as well as some species of fish, jellyfish, and corals, board the nice and cozy waters of tropical countries. the most effective thanks to defend yourself from marine inhabitants is to place on special footwear and avoid touching them notwithstanding they appear very cute. Besides, you wish to concentrate to special warning signs, like a red flag placed on the beach, which suggests “No Swimming!”

10. Rip currents

A riptide will carry you far from the shore to the open ocean in barely a number of seconds. If you ever get caught in an exceedingly riptide, don’t attempt to swim back to the shore and fight against it, since its strength is way bigger than that of an individual. you’ll be able to swim across this, parallel to the shore. Once it weakens, you’ll be able to safely build your means back.

9. Mosquitoes and anopheles

Mosquito species that transmit dreadful diseases, including the Zika virus, live in many tropical countries. To protect yourself from the deadly danger, don’t forget to take a bug spray with you and get vaccinated against malaria, yellow fever, and other diseases before heading out on a trip.

8. Marine predators

Shark attacks occur quite often. However, it’s quite straightforward to forestall associate unpleasant encounter with this predator. Don’t swim once you have open cuts or wounds, because the smell of blood attracts sharks. tho’ sharks are color blind, they react to paint contrasts, therefore avoid sporting brilliantly coloured or checkered swimsuits.

7. Street food

Street food could be a common development altogether Asian countries, whether or not it’s Vietnam or Kingdom of Thailand. tho’ such food doesn’t carry any specific danger, it will cause variety of troubles: those who don’t seem to be accustomed spicy food typically suffer from a abdomen disorder. an equivalent applies to restaurants: simply raise the cook to not add too several condiments into your dish.

6. Water

It’s accepted that water isn’t safe for consumption in some elements of the globe. However, generally we tend to forget that the ice served in bars is formed from constant water. thus it’s best to drink drinking water sold-out in retailers and supermarkets. It’s additionally suggested to use drinking water for laundry and preparation.

5. Plants

Exotic plants is unsafe to your health. Therefore, avoid touching foreign plants throughout excursions to reserves or whereas merely walking in nature.

4. Sunburns

The hot heat of the tropical sun will cause painful sunburns. simply keep in mind to use ointment on every occasion you withdraw. you’ll conjointly wear light-weight long-sleeved garments that may defend your skin from obtaining burned.

3. Monkeys

These apparently harmless creatures living in Asian country and its neighboring countries is rather aggressive and even attack folks carrying food. you ought to set out all of your jewellery and conceal your camera properly once visiting monkey reserves, otherwise these curious and forward primates won’t hesitate to steal everything you’ve got.

2. Reptiles

Venomous snakes are common in tropical and climatic zone countries. However, most of them can attack solely in self-protection. Therefore keep an eye fixed out, and take care wherever you step!


Theft could be a international issue. However, in Asian country, valuable things and cash will disappear even from safes. It’s counseled to store your valuable things in many completely different places, and keep giant amounts of cash on credit cards. watch out of your personal belongings, particularly once you’re on the beach or within the market.